Scar Removal Surgery

Surgical scar revision refers to a group of different procedures which surgeons use with the intention of improve and remove scars tissue after any type of injury in your skin.
Everyone or almost everyone has scars. Some have common scars like those on the knee from learning how to ride a bike or skate; others have experienced severe acne that turned in ugly acne scars; and even other more problematic cases caused by car accidents, fires, wounds, viruses and surgeries.

Ones more than others are affected at some level with the consequences of scars. Not only because physical issues, like flexibility problems, but also because emotional issues, given that scars have a strong impact in your appearance and self-confidence. Many people consider to remove a scar because they want to improve the way their skin looks and to feel better with their appearance and there isn’t anything wrong in it.

Considering a scar treatment

Removing scars is usually done to improve patient appearance (what is considered a cosmetic procedure) or performed to improve the patient functioning (when the scar formation takes influence on the natural movement of muscles). In any of both cases it is crucial to choose a good specialist that will guide you through the process.

Nowadays there are several different types of treatments (Laser scar removal,Dermabrasion scar treatment) that your doctor can use in a surgery to remove scars in order to improve and restore your skin. When considering scar surgeryit’s important to remember that the type of scar you have may require different procedures and the type and number of procedures is one of the major factors that will influence the cost of your scar surgery.

Is scar surgery indicated for me?

Well, in general, good health is the main factor your medic will check in any type of scars treatments. Other aspects vary from treatment to treatment and must be discussed in detail with your doctor. One example is the case of acne scars where patient can’t have active acne. Another fundamental aspect that will influence the decision of your scar treatment is the time and stage of your scar. Usually, surgeons are against any intervention before several months after the injury.

Share your experience

Leave a comment bellow and let the others know your experience with the different procedures you went through to get rid of your scars problems.

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